Getting to the top of Google without backlinks???

Max McFarlaneSEO


A question that we are asked more and more often is ‘ does my website need backlinks to rank in google? ‘ Well a quick look at our position in google for the keyword seo edinburgh leads us to believe that links to your website are becoming less important. Over the last 6 months we have been trying rank our … Read More

G+ Integration

Max McFarlaneSEO


Did you know that since launching in June 2011 there are 500 million Google+ accounts? That is a massive amount of potential clients. Would you close the door to them? No, we don’t think you would. And that’s why we strongly recommend you understand why it’s imperative that you activate, engage and integrate Google+ with the other Google platforms. We … Read More

SEO For Beginners

Max McFarlaneSEO


Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, quite a mouthful. And many times an overwhelming process to go through, specially if you don’t have technical knowledge. The reality is not that scary¬†though. There are 4 basic steps you need to follow: 1- Be social 2- Build bridges 3- Be choosie…words wise 4- Content is King…long live the King Is this simple enough … Read More